Patrick and Victoria :: An intimate wedding in the Hudson Valley

December 5, 2014

Words cannot express how much I LOVED everything about this wedding, from the organic way it all came together (no stress, no fuss) to the incredible view, and Victorias gorgeous dress from Lovely Bride.  Lambs Hill Farm in the Hudson Valley of New York is set in the picturesque town of Beacon on the hillside over looking the Hudson River (complete with an infinity pool!). Not only do I love how small and intimate this wedding was and what it meant to the friends and family celebrating this special event, but if you know me and know what a horse lover I am then you can probably imagine how much I loved the decor and style of this quaint inn. Everything from the equestrian loft, the colorful perennial garden, reclaimed bricks, the Icelandic horses, mini donkeys , and much more, is set to perfection and designed with love by owner award winning oil painter Charlotte Guernsey. Needless to say, I would live here if I could!

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_01

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_02

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_03

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_04

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_05

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_06

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_07

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_08

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_09

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_10

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_11

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_12

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_13

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_14

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_15

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_16

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_17

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_18

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_19

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_20

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_21

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_22

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_23

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_24

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_25

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_26

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_27

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_28

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_29

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_30

Patrick and Victoria_Jen Lynne Photography_32

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Featured : Cottage Hill Magazine

November 26, 2014

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_

Words cannot begin to express how honored I am to have been selected to contribute a story to one of the first issues of Cottage Hill Magazine.  Cottage Hill is an emerging magazine in the wedding industry, by renewing our feelings towards weddings by infusing a sense of community with marriage.  On Cottage Hill, “you will never find the words “perfect” or any “top ten” lists in our posts – we will not add to the noise of declaring perfection as the standard. Just beautiful photographs accompanied by meaningful words.”

In addition, I feel so privileged to have been given this amazing opportunity to work with some of the most sought after professionals in the wedding industry:

Floral and Creative: Hey Gorgeous Events
Cakes and Pastries: The Cakabakery
Beauty: Alexandra Nicole
Venue: DePree Manor
Rentals: The Rental Company
Wedding Gown: Vue Designs
Paper and Calligraphy: Laura Hooper Calligraphy

While working with these talented vendors, I truly feel that we were able to create a sense of community and story through our work together, whether it was the florist preparing bouquets of beautiful flowers or watching as everyone sat down to a perfectly set dinner table.  These are all important parts of the wedding story, involving not just the marriage partners, but all the different people involved in making the wedding experience memorable and forever.  While we may look at a wedding and see it as a beautiful beginning to a new life together for the couple, we should also see it as the end to the story, written in chapters by the amazing vendors and wedding professionals.

Enjoy the story we have to share through these images and pick up your copy of Cottage Hill Magazine to see more images and stories contributed by some very talented people!

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_01

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_02

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_03

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_04

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_05

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_06

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_07

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_08

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_09

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_10

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_11

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_12

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_13

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_14

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_15

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_16

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_17

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_18

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_19

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_20

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_21

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_22

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_23

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_24

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_25

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_26

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_27

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_28

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_29

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_30

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_31

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_32

Cottage Hill_Jen Lynne Photography_33

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Maggie and Justin : Published in The Knot Michigan

November 17, 2014


  Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_The Knot_1

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_01

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_02

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_03

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_04

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_05

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_06

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_07

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_08

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_09

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_10

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_11

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_12

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_13

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_14

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_15

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_16

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_19

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_20

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_21

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_22

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_23

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_24

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_25

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_17

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_18

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_26

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_27

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_28

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_29

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_30

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_31

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_32

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_33

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_34

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_35

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_36

Maggie and Justin_Jen Lynne Photography_37



So honored to have this wedding featured in The Knot Michigan. Maggie and Justin’s wedding was a dream come true!

Thanks to all the amazing vendors who worked so hard to make this happen:

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Amway Grand

Videography: Inspiration Video

Day of Coordinator: Hey Gorgeous Events

Floral and Decor: Modern Day Floral

Officiant: Forever Twogether

Dress: Monique Lhuillier

Hair: Bridle and Blonde

Beauty: Julie Strating

Veil and Headpiece: Renee Austin Wedding

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Invitations: The Invitation Place

Escort Cards: Lola Grace Calligraphy

Cake: Amway Grand

Second Photographer: Ryan Timm

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